Sunday, August 31, 2014

weird food, rain, contacting

Dear family and friends,
This week, Soeur Jensen and I were planning for the week and we realized that we have a lot of men amis, which are hard to teach, because we always have to find female membvers to teach with, who are always really busy, and we talked about how good it would be to have more female amis. That day, we were contacting, and we talked to one lady that just soaked our words up and talked about her struggles and how she wants to meet our prophet personally :) So we are going over some day to talk about Thomas S Monson. Then, the next day, we missed a bus for a mangez-vous and did some contacting while we were waiting for the next one. And we contacted a really cool girl with dreadlocks that said it would awesome to have a prophet today and that she would love to see us again :). In less than two days after saying we needed more women amis, the Lord blessed with two awesome potentials :) I don't really know what I did this week, I can't remember. But today, we went to this fairy tale village and ate a sit down lunch at a cute little restaurant. It was so yummy!!!! And it felt so wierd to be sitting there, eating as a missionary. It still hits me randomly sometimes that we are in France. Tomorrow, we have interveiws with President, I love interveiws! President and his wife are so great! I'm not exagerating when I say they are the best Missionary president couple ever. Just talk to anyone that knows them. They are outstanding. Oh and the other day we were contacting and then it starts to drizzle and then pour and then hail ( at this point we found shelter under a shop sign and then We couldn't see more the two inches in front of us, it was raining so hard and the streets were literally rivers. It lasted 20 minutes and then an hour later it was mostly clear and sunny. Wierd weather.
Je vous aime!
Dieu vous aime!!!
Soeur Russell

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