Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forts, grilled pineapple, and another long walk

Dear Family and Friends,
Soeur Jensen and I are staying in Valence for our last Transfer! :) I'm glad because it probably would have been a little strange to go to another ward to leave them after a few weeks. And I love Soeur Jensen a lot and it feels strange to spend just one transfer with companions. It is really strange also to be at this point on the mission. I really don't know what to think about it. I usually try not to think about it.
Anyways, this week, We ate lunch in this gorgeous town named Aoust, right after we taught a really good first lesson. It was so beautiful and right after, we got on a train to got to St Etienne to drop off soeur Jensen for exchanges there and to pick up Soeur Pape, to do exchanges in Valence. I love Soeur Pape so much, she was in Aix at the same time as I was and we had so much fun together. We helped a family move and ate lunch and contacted and made spatzle for dinner and ate an entire mango and then met the other sisters at the gare. The other sisters actually forgot to get off at the right stop, so they had to take a train to come back, poor things. But we did some calls and soem contacting while we waited for them. The next day, We had district meeting in Grenoble and had an island bbq with grilled pineapple ( I love grilled pineapple!!!) And Soeur Jensen and I made a fort using sheets that night, just for fun. :) So that was a good day. Forts and grilled pineapple are great things. The next day we got our transfer calls and played and sang some music for a members and her neighbors. ( we have been doing stuff like that a lot lately) And that night we ate dinner with a member and had this delicious chicken mushroom dish. Saturday, we did some contacting and talked with people from about 7 different countries within a 30 time period and played some more music for some members and last night we walked across two towns to get home because there were no buses and I wasn't even too tired. I'm impressed with my mission walking muscles. Oh and yesterday, the elders gave me a planner they made for my last transfer. its really Cool and really funny. I'll tell you about it more next week beacause I gotta run!
Quickly know that The gospel bring true and lasting happiness! How cool is it to know that!?!
Dieu vous aime! Moi aussi!
Soeur Russell

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