Sunday, August 31, 2014

rugby, fiddling, and Johnny Cash

Dear Family and Friends,
This week, for pday, we went and saw one of our members play rugby. That was fun. Rugby is pretty exciting. We had a music night this week at the church, the church wasnt overflowing, but a bunch of members came and All of them had a wonderful time. Soeur Jensen fiddled and played some classical pieces and the elders did some johnny cash and I sang a little; And we baked about 100 cookies and all of them were eaten. Oh and this week, we learned how to use a turkish toilet. Some sisters in the ward were describing in much detail how to use them. Soeur Jensen and I were trying so hard not to laugh. I actually don't remember too much of what happed this week, but it was a good week I remember that. I really have gotten to love the members here. Transfer calls are coming up this week, so who knows if I will stay or leave. I could either be staying for my last transfer, which is logical, or I could go to some random little place in the middle of nowhere for my last transfer, that sometimes happens for last transfer missionaries in this mission.Its crazy how fast time goes by. I swear I just left for the mtc. We gotta run and help a family move, mais sachez je vous aime si forte que meme une foule des joueurs de rugby peuvent m’empĂȘcher...... (I dont really know what to add at the end, but the sentence is great up until then, maybe being with you for eternity? giving you a hug?) anywho, je vous aime! Dieu vous aime aussi!
Soeur russell

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