Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flowers, bars, and fashion photographers

Dear family and friends,
 I gotta scurry really soon here, but this week was pretty good. We had a lot of lessons. A bunch with this vietmanese guy, who, after I told him that he has a nice backpack, gave us an extra leather bag that he had hanging around his house. So Soeur jesnsen has a new bag. He speaks french fluently, but he has the funniest accent. All of his sentences end an octave higher than when it started. :) And we taught Joël twice in front of the bar. Its not extremely spiritually condusive ( we are trying to  find a time when we are both free not in front of the bar), but we get a lot of coordonees from his friends who will come up and interupt or join in on the lesson. We also taught José who bought us flowers. He buys a lot of things for everyone. He always has something in hishands that he is about to give someone else. And we taught a new ami who is named Olivier and is so cool. He is a fashion photographer ( intimidating huh?) and he is super beleiving, but he feels like he still hasn't found what he is looking for and is struggling to feel the spirit. He was really excited about the Book of Mormon and is so respectful. He had so many questions and said that he has been praying to know the truth. We are so excited about him. Oh and I gave and prepared a 25 minute talk in French with 2 days in Sacrament Meeting. Somebady pulled out last minute, so I got to do it. :) It was slightly scary, but I loved studying the topic, which was unity. One thing that struck me is that being together is one of the ways God blesses us. I have met so many lonely people during my mission ( for many its self inflicted) and it makes me realize xwhat a blessing it is to have family, friends, the church. We really should treasure that. God truly loves us!
I gotta go storm a castle! (literally)
Avec amour,
Soeur Russell

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