Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rugby, washing walls, and Uno

Dear Family and Friends,
Today we are going to a rugby match with two of the members in our wards playing on opposite teams. Exciting!!!! I actually like watching rugby, its fun. Oh and exciting news!!!!!!! Estelle is back in action! She had been on vacaction in Spain with her family and she even got her parents to pray before meals with her. She also said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and getting answers to queastions that she has been having and she found a new apartment and is in the middle of moving in. We helped the other day by scrubbing the walls ( during which I told Soeur Jensen about my childhood) and we had a lesson afterwards. During church, Estelle said that she wanted us to help her think of ways to help teach her children the gospel. She is so great!!!!! And we do nothing, it is all self motivation on her part. One can just tell that her personal relationship is so strong and it just keeps growing. She is so great :)
On tuesday we had our Zone conference with Interveiws with president. It was great! We were in Saint Etienne, so I got to see a tiny bit of the city again and I saw a few members I know, so that made me happy. And interveiws also make me happy. And zone conference. There is this one part where all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. We have some amazing missionaries in our mission. On Wednesday, We palyed Uno for an FHE with members and I not only lost everytime, but I was forced to draw 16 cards at a time at one point. 16 cards! I stink at Uno. French people love Uno. Tuesday, we had one of my best meals in France. It was at this really old and big house out in the country. The walls were covered in gorgeous paintintgs ( I loved that) and guns and wall paper. For Lunch we ate cheesy potatoes, and a special type of chicken, and salad, and cheese and tart. Very french. And delicious. This sunday, we ate giant salads members house. It was probably the first time that we ate just green salad  for a meal in France. It was yummy.
Lately, I've been thinking about light. And how all light comes from the gospel. As missionaries, we have been in a lot of members homes and a lot of non members homes and every home you can think of. The difference between a household that follows the gospel and others is huge. I can feel the difference every day, the spirit there is so noticable and I am so grateful that we have the chance to be homes where the gospel light shines. It is such a relieving feeling.
Je vous aime!!!!! Et dieu vous aime!!!!
Soeur Russell

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