Sunday, August 31, 2014

Umbrellas, chocolate, and creepy puppet ladies

Dear Family and friends,
This last week was very cold and then very hot. I liked the cold part. I pulled out my scarves and drank some hot chocolate. It was nice :) yesterday the email place was closed and then we went to eat unlimited amounts of expensive french chocolate, so I didn't write yesterday. But I still love you more than choclate though. Especially right now because even thinking about chocolate makes me feel wierd. ( we ate a lot) This week, soeur jensen fiddled for me, we got to see Fireworks for the 14 th of july ( with permission with president) which was really well done and had this giant puppet creepy lady and a band with a bagpipe. This week we also found some new amis, ate some awesome lasagna and ran around in the rain, trying not to get our shoes wet. Funny story yesterday. Soeur jensen and I walked past a kebab shop ( those places are usually filled with scetchy characters and hungry elders) and I hear a man say, bonjour, excusez moi. I keep walking ( Its become reflex) but soeur jensen is suddenly no longer behind me. So I turn around to she talking to and easing away from this sketchy man that is standing way to closely next to her , asking her where she is from and saying he would like to buy her something and talk. So I speed walk on over holding my umbrella and i put the cloth of the umbrella ( not the pointy parts though, I'm not that mean) at the exact level of his eyes and make him back up a foot, all while acting like it wasn't on purpose and extracting Soeur jensen from his date asking. The look on his face as the umbrella was practically in his eyes was priceless. We had a good laugh about that afterwards. I got to be a knight with shining unbrella. Now we are going to head to mangez vous. I hope it is not chocolate. Maybe I can eat some again in a week. I love you all!!!!! et Dieu vous aime aussi!!!!

Soeur Russel

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